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Art and Architecture Quiz Questions and Answers


Art and Architecture Quiz Questions and answers Learn about Art and Architectures

1) Which Greek poet is credited with drawing up the list of the Seven Wonders of ancient world?

Answer: Antipater of Sidon.

2) What is the Japanese art of cultivating dwarf trees called?

Answer: Bonsai.

3) Which famous Spanish sculpture and painter is known as the father of modern art?

Answer: Pablo Picasso.

4) Name the London’s famous Wax museum?

Answer: Madame Tussauds.

5) What is the art of trimming trees into ornamented shapes and objects called?

Answer: Topiary.

6) Name the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative forms?

Answer: Origami.

7) What is the art of drawing or paintings on stone called?

Answer: Lithography.

8) Which famous Italian artist, renowned sculptor and inventor designed the helicopter?

Answer: Leonardo da Vinci.

9) What is the name of the art of arranging dance movements and teaching them to dancers?

Answer: Choreography.

10) Which Greek sculptor designed the Statue of Zeus at Olympia?

Answer: Phidias.

11) What is the giant status called which is dedicated to the Greek Sun God Helios and is one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world?

Ancient: The Colossus of Rhodes.

12) What is the systematic study of the varying forms of pictorial symbols called?

Answer: Iconography.

13) Name the Florentine painter who created the famous ‘The Creation of Adam’

Answer: Michelangelo.

14) Where I the world the ‘General Sphinx’ situated?

Answer: In the desert, near Giza in Egypt.

15) In which European city the Eiffel Tower located?

Answer: Paris.

16) Name the Venetian painter of ‘Paradise’ the largest oil painting on canvas.

Answer: Tintoretto. Real name was Jacopo Robusti.

17) In which European city is the Elysee Palace situated?

Answer: Paris.

18) Which is the heaviest bell in the world?

Answer: The Tsar Kolokol, Moscow.

19) What is the art of small paintings called?

Answer: Miniature painting.

20) What architectural structure was regarded by ancient Egyptians as “a staircase to heaven beings laid out for the king”?

Answer: The Pyramids.

21) Where is the world’s oldest castle situated?

Answer: Ghumdan in Yemen.

22) Among the seven wonders of the ancient world, name the only one which is still standing.

Answer: The Pyramids of Giza.

23) Who painted the famous painting Mona Lisa?

Answer: Leonardo da Vinci.

24) Which 16th century religion artist painted scenes of peasant life?

Answer: Pieter Brueghel.

25) Which English artist was famous for his industrial Lancashire townscapes filled with matchstick figures?

Answer: L. S. Lowry.

26) Who designed the largest Protestant church in England, St Paul’s Cathedral?

Answer: Christopher Wren.

27) Which American artist was pioneer of abstract expressionism, and a leading exponent action painting?

Answer: Jackson Pollock.

28) Who was the architect of The Guggenheim Museum in New York?

Answer: Frank Lloyd Wright.

29) Which English artist began his career as a medical illustrator, but is best known for his paintings of horses?

Answer: George Stubbs.

30) A Dutch painter and etcher was born in Leiden, the son of a miler, and some of his most famous paintings include ‘The Night Watch’, ‘The Mill’ and ‘Christ Healing’, who was he?

Answer: Rembrandt.


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